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5 PCS Individual Packaging 4Layers Filtration Disposable 3D Face Mask

Wednesday, June 17, 20208:30 AM(View: 23291)
5 PCS Individual Packaging 4Layers Filtration Disposable 3D Face Mask
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ILWOUL HYGIENIC MASK-Health care disposable mask (FDA registered)

- Provides protection against airborne particle contaminants
- Enhances exposure control capability
- Protects the patients from the exhaled microorganisms from the healthcare provider
Premium 4 layered Filters
Respiratory protection against certain airborne particle contaminants such as yellow dust, fine dust, and biological particles such as bacteria and viruses
Lightweight and comfortable / soft and comfortable texture
Easier breathing with 3 dimensional structure design filtering area
Adjustable noseclip for custom and secure seal
Comfortable feeling with stable nose support
Does not touch lips with 3D Wide filter area
Anti-fog / Anti-slip
*How to Use
1. Position the mask on your face to cover your nose and chin.
2. Place the straps behind your ears to secure the position of the mask.
3. Press the noseclip using your fingertips, and mold the noseclip to the shape of your nose.
4. Cover the mask using both hands and check for air leakage. Adjust the mask accordingly.
- Do not use in enclosed space containing less than 18% oxygen.
- Do not cover your mouth and/or nose with cloth, paper towel, or any other substances when
using the respirator.
- Do not use when inside of the respirator is contaminated.
- Do not alter, wash, abuse or misuse this respirator.
- Do not touch the surface of the respirator after wearing.
- Individuals who are pregnant, those with compromised respiratory system and/or
cardiovascular system, children, or anyone who feel uncomfortable breathing while using the
respirator should stop using the product and consult with a physician if needed.
- Stop using the respirator if itching sensation, rash, or any other distress occurs.
- Do not apply substances such as sanitizer or air freshener.
This respirator is effective in protecting the respiratory tract from harmful airborne particle
contaminants, however, cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness or disease.
Weight: 5.34g ± 10%
Storage Condition: 1-30℃ Room Temperature
Manufactured by: ILWOUL INT

Made in Korea

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