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OK JIKIMI MASK (Khẩu Trang Chống Khuẩn_Giặt lại được_Dark Gray Color)

Tuesday, April 21, 202010:40 PM(View: 23119)
OK JIKIMI MASK (Khẩu Trang Chống Khuẩn_Giặt lại được_Dark Gray Color)
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* ATB-UV+99.0% protection mask

* In summer, rapid absorption, cool & quick dry mask

* Semi-permanent anti-bacterial washable mask


How to use:

1.Please check the mask before using it.

2.Then place the mask against your chin.

3.Pull the ear band behind the ear & adjust until it fits comfortably.

4.Check to see the mask of fully fits and if there is crevice.


a. Do not wear the mask above towel and tissue.

b. Only running water wash the mask.

c. Do not use the mask when the inner part got contaminated.

d. Please be cautious if you are either pregnant, child or elders.

e. Keep out of reach of children.

f. For adult use only.


Storage: This product should be stored in dry and cool place.

Material: Polyester, Polyurethane


Manufacturer: Hankyung Company Co., Ltd.

2 Floor, 48, 237Da-Gil, Dongil-Ro,

Nowon-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Importer By: K Avenue Trading, Inc

7342 Orangethorpe Ave., STE. B119, Buena Park, CA 90621


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